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Dealing with a Critique Website Critiquer’s Reviews

Finding a Critiquer Critique websites provide the opportunity to have your work reviewed by persons you don’t know and have only a passing relationship. I subscribe to a critique website, and I submitted a chapter to the site, desiring an unbiased … Continue reading

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Adventures in the garden

The garden includes pots This week saw changes to my backyard. My wife and I added several vegetable plants in pots to our garden. These joined peppers and tomatoes in three raised beds. The pots currently decorate part of the … Continue reading

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Enjoying a night at a science fair

A joint science fair Tonight, the wife and I went to Passport to Learning and Columbia, Maryland Homeschoolers science fair. There were some twenty displays, four of them were those of our grandchildren. Safe Cosmetics   Elizabeth’s exhibit identified harmful … Continue reading

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White Azalea, Dianthus, and Sweet Williams

Is Spring hiding? Winter never wanted to leave Winter fought leaving with a will. Mid-April we were seeing days in the forties and nights low thirties. Northeasters roared through Maryland several times. Everyone talked that Spring was hiding from us … Continue reading

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Considering a Soccer Club, Think Pipeline Soccer Club

  If you are considering a soccer club for your player, think PSC. The Pipeline Soccer Club (PSC) is presenting the opportunity for boy and girl soccer players to earn a place on a club team. Current rostered team members … Continue reading

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Pipeline Soccer Club (PSC) Tryouts-2018

  The 2018 tryouts for Pipeline Soccer Club (PSC) teams will occur in May. The child will show their soccer skills with the desire to be selected for a team. PSC’s tryouts permit players with varying skill levels to be … Continue reading

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Parents and Coaches , similar or different?

It is interesting how parenting is similar to coaching a young sports team. Parents guide their children to prepare them to be successful in life. Coaches provide guidance and training to the team members to prepare them to be successful … Continue reading

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Williamsburg Bowling Tournament, April 2018

Williamsburg Bowling Tournament I am proving a glutton for punishment on the bowling lanes as I continue to return to Williamsburg, Virginia. Last year I posted about the conditions the Williamsburg tournament presents to one and all. This year, only … Continue reading

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Cameron Reunion, Texans and Ohioians

Friday My wife and I spent part of the Easter weekend with members of the Cameron Clan living in Ohio. The rest spent traveling to Ohio and back home. We found the drive safe. The weather cooperated, and only a … Continue reading

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Bowling Movie Star Dreamer

I have dreamed of being a movie star, in my dreams. The desire peaked with the release of The Kingpin. It is a movie about bowling and bowling is the only sport I am proficient. I tried golf and my … Continue reading

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