Pipeline Soccer Teams at 2018 Spirit Kickoff Tournament


I previously blogged about making memories. This weekend two Pipeline Girls team made memories at the 2018 Spirit United Kickoff Classic Tournament.

PIPELINE Soccer Club (PSC)

Pipeline 2006 Girls Black

The Pipeline 2006 Girls Black team is a meld of Pipeline players from last year and girls recruited after the May tryouts. The team began practice in early August. Though, some of the girls missed scheduled practices because of summer activities including family vacations.

good memories

2018 Spirit is the second tournament for the team in August. The team won the first tournament. The team score two wins and a draw on the way to the championship game. The game was hard-fought with each team exchanging goals in forty minutes of play. The opponent score in the last ten minutes and Pipeline was unable to find the goal, although having a shot went over the goal and two went wide. Final for the championship game, 1-2. The team’s performance in sunny, high 80’s, with only two substitutes, was impressive.

More impressive, to me, is the team has a championship and was a finalist in another after only eight games playing together. Congratulations to the team. There will be many good results as the team grows together.

Pipeline 2007 Girls Black Team

I am an assistant coach for the Pipeline 2007 Girls Black Team. This team played Spirit but had a less spectacular result. Like the 2006 Girls team, the 2007 team are a group talented girls. Some played for Pipeline teams last year, and some recruited at the May tryouts. They, also, began practice the first week of August and this was their first tournament of the fall season.


The team played three games, ending in a consolation game. The first game lost 1-2, the second lost 2-3, and the third a draw 1-1. The scores don’t adequately show the girl’s play. Yes, they were two losses and a draw. The girls suffered breakdowns allow the opponents their scores, but gave their opponents fits in all three games. E.g., in the second game, Pipeline scored their second goal with less than five minutes to play and had a third nullified by an offsides call as the game ended. Praise is deserved for the hard play, and a never-give-up attitude displayed to the final whistle.

Memories, memories!

Thank you to the girls on both teams at the 2018 Spirit for giving me many memories to treasure. The 2007 team as a coach and the 2006 team because my granddaughter, Elizabeth, plays for it. I hope the girls treasure theirs as I do mine.

I expect the 2007 team to drown me in memories this holiday weekend when they play in their second tournament of the season!

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