A Hodgepodge Week

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What do you blog when life is great, and nothing unusual is happening? How about a hodgepodge.

An RV Excursion?

My wife and I will take three grandkids on an RV excursion to Corpus Christi, Texas next week. We, she and I, have got the thirty-foot RV ready. We had the annual maintenance, and oil change competed by the RV shop. I did the slide out maintenance. The vehicle is ready for the trip.

We started the challenging task of populating it will linens, food, utensils, and sundry. The RV is connected to house power, so the refrigerator is at a temperature to take cold and frozen foods anytime. On the night before we set out, we will store the last of the food stuff and the grandkids bags. Not that we are eager to get on the road, but there is so little left to do while the day of departure is days away.

Novel Update

I am making steady progress on editing my novel. I am halfway through the second pass and feeling better as each scene is finished. Becoming impatient to get feedback, I sent two scenes for critique. The reviews were uncomplimentary but enlightening. The comments opened my eyes to ways to improve the chapters submitted.

Knee Surgery Update

I had a meniscus repair surgery three weeks ago. I consider the surgery successful. Before surgery, my knee would throb almost continuously, whether walking or sitting. Since I have had almost no discomfort. I say almost because there has been a time or two when I forgot I am still healing inside the knee. A twinge of discomfort, not pain, reminds me to slow down or stop.

GoPro and Garmin

The RV trip will see us using two acquisitions we did not have on the last trip. We have a GoPro camera to document the trip. We used it on our trip to Ohio in April. My wife edited the video to create an interesting memory. The GoPro will find a home on the windshield and may allow for another video memory.

GoPro HERO5 Black

GoPro HERO5 Black

We have a Garmin GPS to put on the dash and guide us to Corpus Christi. Don’t fret that we don’t know the way. We have made close to a hundred trips between here and there. The Garmin will provide mile checks, traffic reports, and maybe alternate routes around bottlenecks and construction. We will learn its value as we go.

Garmin DriveSmart 60LMT 6" Portable GPS Navigator w/ Lifetime Maps & TrafficGarmin DriveSmart 60LMT 6″ Portable GPS Navigator w/ Lifetime Maps & Traffic


“What do you blog when life is great, and nothing unusual is happening?”

I end each blog with a request for comments. I ask because I enjoy hearing from you, the readers. Take a moment and tell me about your day or just say “Hi.”

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