Vacation to South Texas in July

South Texas
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Vacation to high temperatures

Who takes a vacation to South Texas in July? We hesitate to say it is my wife and I. And we brought two grandchildren with us.

It was in the high 80’s when we left Maryland in our RV. We saw the temperature gradually rise as we drove south. The first night we stayed outside of Knoxville. The air conditioner ran until sleep time. Even with it off, everyone slept well.

The second night found us in Lafayette, LA. We spent the night there. The temperature wasn’t bad, but it was very humid. Sleeping without air conditioning meant wallowing in sweat. Air conditioning became the norm after this stop.

This is SUMMER!!

We spent the third day and night with relatives living outside Houston, Texas. The temperature stayed in the high 90’s the entire visit. A trip to the pool did not cool anyone off, the water was too warm. Grandchildren and cousins were the ones asking to leave, the adults were glad to leave than swelter in the shade.

high temperatures
Temperature on the second day visiting

We reached our destination on the fourth day. It was 105 the day we arrived and passed 100 degrees each day since. Heat indices reached 109 degrees.

“Who takes a vacation to South Texas in July?”

We do it to commemorate the birthdays of my wife’s mother, father, and brother. We will celebrate these and her parent’s anniversary—all between 23 and 31 July.

That we can ignore the discomfort caused by the weather, and enjoy the time with cousins, nephews, and nieces is an added benefit. Catching up with happenings of the last year adds value to the trip.

“Who takes a vacation to South Texas in July?” We do.

Thanks for reading and I hope you will use the comment form to let me know you visited.

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