Games Played as a Child

Asking what games I played as a child means having to rip away the cobwebs from a 75-year-old mind, well, almost 75 years old. I lived in a small community with a small contingent of children my age. I can only name two, and one was a girl. He and …

What was My Role in the Navy—StoryWorth

“What did you do in the Navy?” Those familiar with the military would understand a member usually changes duties as he or she promotes. How mine changed follows. I entered the Navy at the lowest enlisted rank available. I remained a Seaman Recruit, E-1, for the duration of Bootcamp, thirteen …

Merry Christmas to Everyone

Merry Christmas Today was the day to wrap all the presents. Lori and I spent a couple of fun hours hiding each in a cocoon of season’s paper. Now they add a lovely touch sitting beneath the new tree. Tomorrow, our Daughter’s children will venture from next door and destroy …

Caronavirus and Homebound

  My wife and I are homebound. We have been for three weeks, and it seems we will be for another month. Homebound – Stay Home Order The coronavirus has changed everything for us, my wife and I. Maryland’s governor has issued a new order requiring us to stay home. …

Osbourne “Ozzy” McKay-The Cat

Days to Remember Some days are remembered by something that happened on the day. People think of D-Day on June 6th and the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th. Sometimes I remember King, my Golden Retriever, passing when we celebrate Autumn’s birthday. Autumn is my daughter’s next youngest. King …

US Women’s Soccer Team and More

I spent over twenty-five years in the United States Navy. It was with disgust and disappointment that I watched some women dubbed “US Women’s Soccer Team” disrespect the country’s anthem and flag. The worst image during the post-game celebration was a player intentionally dropping the flag to the ground. But …

Pipeline 2007 Girls Black

Again, the Pipeline 2007 Girls Black team earned respect. History The team began training in August 2018. It was a meld of members from the previous 2007 Black team, the 2007 Red team, and new club members. The coach’s dilemma was building them into a team that could compete with …

Feeding Squirrels in the Backyard

We added a small box to the backyard, and the beneficiaries are the squirrels.

Bitten by the Bird Watching Bug

It started simply with a wild bird feeder hanging from a deck hanger. It was, maybe, two hours before the squirrel found this source of new food. It shared the knowledge with its pals, and the birds rarely had an opportunity to dine, but squirrels were getting fat.

Surviving to the 100th Blog Post

I posted my first blog on October 5, 2016. It warned I would share things I found interesting and that I hadn’t a particular theme for the posts. I have been true. I have posted some about family, about my favorite pastime—bowling, about writing a novel, about the Pipeline soccer teams I help coach, and more. There are Ninety-nine in fact.

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