Where were you on September 11, 2001?

september 11
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The refrain most often heard by me today has been, “Where were you on that day?” The day being September 11. 2001. What are your memories of that day?

Will you remember September 11?


I worked for a government contractor on 9.11 and scheduled to fly to Dallas and on to San Antonio in the afternoon. My wife and I had arrived at the FT Meade bowling alley when the music channel we were listening to interrupted for a news break. They announced a plane had flown into the north tower of the World Trade Center. I left her at the center where she later told me they watched the rest of the happenings on large screen monitors.

Television coverage uninterrupted

I went home and tuned into a live broadcast. I vividly remember thinking the first plane was an accident as I listened to an announcer suggest the same. That the pilot lost track of where he was, causing the crash into the north tower.

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A few moments later, I watched the second plane enter the picture on my television. I watched as it flew into the south tower at 9:03. There was no longer doubt this was an orchestrated attack on the United States.

I remained glued to the television as the day’s events unfolded. I listened to the frantic voices of the announcers as they announced a plane violated its flight plan. It headed into Washington, D.C. Some feared destined for the White House, but it hit the Pentagon at 9:37.

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I watched as the north tower collapsed and it was announced a fourth plane hijacked. Passengers on that plane attacked the terrorists who, then, crashed the plane in a Pennsylvania field at 10:03 rather than return control to the passengers. Shortly after, the south tower collapsed.

Staying home

I decided not fly to Dallas before President Bush grounded all planes.

“Where were you on that day?” What are your memories? I hope you will share them with me using the provided comment form.


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