Monday Seniors Bowling League -2019

Monday Seniors League “It’s over!” I said at the Monday Seniors League banquet. How many times have I uttered those words in May? I haven’t counted, but I am sure it has been at least fifty. I said them to my granddaughter as we waited for my wife to call …

Riding after dark–Flash Fiction

Sarah was riding after dark toward home on a tree-lined paved path. Mom’s gonna be mad, I am late again. The darkness hid the tree branch laying on the path until too late to avoid it. It tangled in the tire spokes and dumped her. She struggled to untangle herself …

Support for the Writer

Ten passes may not be enough without other’s review. I am so close to it, I have trouble seeing improvements. I have read this is common and that any writer or author benefits from having a beta reader provide feedback. I haven’t encountered someone willing to devote the time to read the novel and give me their review.

The year in review

We are in the last hours of Christmas Day. A week from today we will start a new year, 2019. How quickly the year has passed.

Are You Writing NANOWRIMO?

Two years ago, I committed to writing 50,000 words in 30 days. This is the commitment NANOWRIMO asks of writers.

Surviving to the 100th Blog Post

I posted my first blog on October 5, 2016. It warned I would share things I found interesting and that I hadn’t a particular theme for the posts. I have been true. I have posted some about family, about my favorite pastime—bowling, about writing a novel, about the Pipeline soccer teams I help coach, and more. There are Ninety-nine in fact.

A Hodgepodge Week

What do you blog when life is great, and nothing unusual is happening? How about a hodgepodge. An RV Excursion? My wife and I will take three grandkids on an RV excursion to Corpus Christi, Texas next week. We, she and I, have got the thirty-foot RV ready. We had …

A Pantser Moves to Scrivener

Word has to go A year ago, I wrote a 53k novel during NaNoWriMO using Microsoft Word 2013. In January this year, I started to edit and revise it using Word. Recently, I transferred the work-in-progress (WIP) to Scrivener. Word aficionados may disagree with my evaluation and comparison. Word is …

Dealing with a Critique Website Critiquer’s Reviews

Finding a Critiquer Critique websites provide the opportunity to have your work reviewed by persons you don’t know and have only a passing relationship. I subscribe to a critique website, and I submitted a chapter to the site, desiring an unbiased evaluation. I requested comment on whether the critiquer found the content …

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