Decision time for NANOWRIMO—2020

NANOWRIMOIt was about this time in 2016 that I began preparations to take part in NANOWRIMO—2016. Yesterday, I realized the 2020 event is approaching, and a decision needed.

Shelving this decision for a moment, I thought I would review my progress turning the 2016’s disaster into a novel.

The 2016 draft was a NANO win with its length of 50,250 words. This number of words didn’t survive the first read-through. I am a pantser, a writer working without a detailed outline. I couldn’t decide how to finish the story, so I wrote three different finishes. During the first revision, I cut two, reducing the word count to about 48,000 words.

revisingI am on the sixth revision, about forty percent through. I started this one with a word count of about 49,100 words and comments from a beta reader and an editor. The editor guided improving the structure and content. The beta reader desired “more” detail.

I worked through the first thirteen chapters, finding places to add or expand scenes and, by edit, to excise unnecessary words. The word count still grew to 55,227 words at that point.

I face today whether to stop this revision and prepare to compete in NANOWRIMO—2020. The draft produced would finish the three-book series. The story would be on paper, well, on my computer.

I haven’t the luxury to delay the decision for long. 1 November 2020 is not so far away.

Will you take part in NANOWRIMO—2020? You can use the comment form to answer and I would like your reason for your decision.

Be safe during this trying time.


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