Saving Siden—Story written during NANOWRIMO

NANOWRIMOThe 2020 National November Writing Month (NANOWRIMO) competition started today. The NANOWRIMO challenge is to write a 50,000 word novel in the thirty days of November.

After much thought, I decided not to compete this year. It was not a hard decision since I am editing one I wrote in an earlier competition.

The year I wrote this work was the first time I did the challenge. It was an eye-opening experience for this novice writer. It required writing 1667 words a day—every day of the month, including holidays!

Did you note I said |”novice writer?” I had dabbled in writing a novel, but not one with a deadline hanging over me. So, how did it go?

The first few days were very challenging. I started with the names for the principal characters and some key story points (I didn’t outline.) Not only must I envision the story, but I had to type it into Microsoft Word.

I am not a hunt and peck typist, but I don’t burn up the keys either. My typing speed while creating the story might have averaged ten words a minute. Time dedicated to typing was between 2.5 to three hours each day.

What came of it? I called it a disaster when I reread what I wrote. It loosely hung on a plotline but met the word goal to win the challenge.

The following is the first few paragraphs of that story after significant rework.


Saving Siden

Saving Siden (Working title)

The Goddess Kiliane found Goddess Mira relaxing in her palace’s main room. A tapestry hung behind her, which showed a pack of wolves serenading the moon. “Come with me tomorrow to get my gown,” Kiliane said, dropping into the chair across from her.

“I think I will stay here. I don’t enjoy being around humans,” she said, pushing errant strands of her honey-blond hair behind her ear.

Kiliane leaned forward. “You need to let the people you protect to see you, and I desire your company. Come with me; you might enjoy it.” She pressed until Mira agreed to go.


The next morning, Kiliane led her best friend through the Jihalla-Siden interdimensional gate onto Siden. They stood at the edge of an open-air market extending to their left. A road separated them and the market from a row of storefronts in two-story wood buildings.

Mira’s hands rubbed her bare arms.  “I should have stayed on Jihalla. It is cold here.”

She laughed while her friend, who wore a sleeveless silver gown, shivered in the early morning coolness. “You should have worn something warmer, but the temperature will rise soon.” Mira glared at Kiliane dressed in a long-sleeve shirt and pants.

Zudon had announced a banquet several weeks ago. He was hosting a celebration of the millennial anniversary of their awakening tomorrow night, and Kiliane needed her gown. Seamstress Amelia said it would be ready today.

The sound of ironshod wheels rumbling on the cobblestone road took their attention. Wagons passed in front of them filled with melons, corn, tomatoes, and more. At the east end of the market, farmers jockeyed their wagons into open-air market spaces.

Kiliane’s nose wrinkled at the odor of manure. She almost laughed at Mira, who was pinching hers shut.  She took a deep breath and smiled when the breeze shifted, and the smell of baking bread came to them.


The graphic is something simple I created with Canva. I hope you enjoyed this excerpt. Let me know what you think of the image and if you would like to read more by using the comment form.

I encourage and appreciate likes and shares.

Be safe during this trying time.

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