A Bit of Writing

KilianeA short selection from my current work-in-progress involving the Goddess Kiliane and the God Kourrus, her mate.

They returned to Kiliane’s palace. She feared to be alone and asked him to stay the night. Though he held her, she dreamed of being sucked into an orb. The nightmare scared her awake. She found herself alone in the bed. Noises came from her throne room. She found Kourrus dressed and walking to the door.

“You are leaving?” she asked.

“Well, I am not staying.”


“I have things to do.”

“Things more important than comforting me?”

“Things to do,” he said before closing the door after him.

Kiliane cried as she flopped onto the couch. Others lost mates to the orbs. She lost hers to things.

I welcome comments on this selection or anything of interest to you.


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