What are your favorite books to read?—StoryWorth

What are your favorite books? Would it be presumptuous of me to claim not to have one favorite book to read? I came to love reading in the second grade of elementary school. The Nun provided us with a copy of My Weekly Reader and worked with us to read …

Drafting a Novel and Particularity

Writing a novel is a more challenging process than I bargained for when I started. The desire to author a novel came when I was considering things to do in retirement. I had never heard of “particularity.” First novel I was sixty-six when I began the draft of Saving Delisanna. …

Indianapolis-The story of USS Indianapolis (CV-35)

Many years ago, forgotten is the name of the book I read regarding the sinking of the USS Indianapolis. Not forgotten is the image of nearly 900 men going into the water. Thu and their fight for survival. Some severely injured, but all fought against the sea, hunger, thirst, and sharks. …

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