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Kiliane’s Rage Update

  Kiliane’s Rage is my work-in-progress written during NaNoWriMo. I rarely visited it during the holidays. In mid-January, I brought the draft out and began working with it again. I joined a critique group about the time I took Kiliane’s … Continue reading

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Christmas Gifts for Writers

Internet for gift ideas – how ‘novel’ Search the internet for Christmas gifts for writers and you will be overwhelmed by the variety of suggestions. I am a writer and love gifts. However, my wife gives me the ‘are you … Continue reading

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Is having fun not enough?

  The question asked is having fun not enough? Must winning be the only acceptable result? Before I explain why I ask, a brief interlude to discuss the status of my writing. My novels are lonely! The Christmas season is … Continue reading

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Bowling vs NaNoWriMo

Bowling vs NaNoWriMo Tomorrow on the start of NaNoWriMo, I will bowl in my Tuesday Night League. Although scoring well will be challenging, I will find it less so than writing 1666+ words a day for 30 days to win … Continue reading

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Lessons learned writing a novel

I mentioned in my first post, http://dwaneknott.com/2016/10/welcome-to-my-blog/, that I am writing a novel. The content or plot of the novel is not important for this discussion. These are things I learned in my writing journey. Let me say upfront, I … Continue reading

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