Five Days to Retirement

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The flight from Las Vegas to Baltimore was smooth and on-time. It was the last flight before retirement and the culmination of an enjoyable week. Enjoyable not because I bowled well, but how does one not enjoy Las Vegas? My performance on the lanes disappointed me. My scores were the lowest in several years at this tournament. One of my teammates reminded me there is always next year.

Away from the lanes, the casino offered gambling and food. Gambling is not my cup-of-tea, but I do like food. At the breakfast buffet, I settled for a meat lover’s delight of an omelet. The evening buffet spotlighted prime rib. My wife and I had prime rib often enough we passed on it when we were out last night with friends. There were other options such as Mongolian, Italian, Mexican, and seafood. So much for eating.

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My gambling this year was a few hours feeding the slot machines. When the week ended, I declared victory. I had money I left with a few dollars more having beaten “Lost Wages” (Las Vegas.)

The reason for the trip was to bowl in the Military Championship. I did not burn up the lanes this year. I could blame the conditions, but it was my sub-par performance. Excuses, none.

When not bowling, playing the slots, or eating, I was editing my novel or reading a favorite author. My work-in-progress is coming along slowly but surely. Of the aspects of the writing craft, the one I appreciate is how challenging it is to edit something I wrote.

The author is Joel Shepherd. The current read is the third in his The Spiral Wars series. Aside from the storyline, I am impressed with the descriptions of the starship, locations, and alien races. Space fantasy is not my preferred genre, but I enjoy this series.

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I reach another life milestone the end of this week. 26 January 2017, I retire once more. It is the culmination of 51 years service in Navy and to the Navy. Time to stop.

If you have been to Las Vegas, tell me if you left richer than you arrived. Discounting for the cost of room and board, I did.

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