Pipeline SC 2007 Girls Black’s vs Bethesda SC White

Saturday’s game was Pipeline 2007 Girls Black’s first game since finishing as a finalist in the APC Premier Cup Girls 2019 Spring Showcase.     These two teams played twice in the fall, but only one result counted. The game that wasn’t They played the first game on a day …

Riding after dark–Flash Fiction

Sarah was riding after dark toward home on a tree-lined paved path. Mom’s gonna be mad, I am late again. The darkness hid the tree branch laying on the path until too late to avoid it. It tangled in the tire spokes and dumped her. She struggled to untangle herself …

Pipeline 2006 Girls Black EDP 2019

The Pipeline 2006 Girls Black team began their EDP 2019 spring schedule the past weekend. The team played two games and went one win and one draw. The Saturday game was against the A3 Royals. Pipeline played A3 to a nil-nil draw on a cold, windy night. This was a …

Pipeline 2007 Girls Black Update

It is time for an update on the Pipeline 2007 Girls Black team’s 2018-2019 season. My last update was 22 October 2018. Pipeline EDP Results The team finished their EDP winter season with a record of two wins, one draw, and six losses. The two wins were shutouts, and the …

Bitten by the Bird Watching Bug

It started simply with a wild bird feeder hanging from a deck hanger. It was, maybe, two hours before the squirrel found this source of new food. It shared the knowledge with its pals, and the birds rarely had an opportunity to dine, but squirrels were getting fat.

Support for the Writer

Ten passes may not be enough without other’s review. I am so close to it, I have trouble seeing improvements. I have read this is common and that any writer or author benefits from having a beta reader provide feedback. I haven’t encountered someone willing to devote the time to read the novel and give me their review.

New Years 1983, a memorable celebration

2018 is in the books, and 2019 has opened. I won’t bore with another look back. Looking forward is what one does on New Years Day. Or remember past New Years.