Support for the Writer

Ten passes may not be enough without other’s review. I am so close to it, I have trouble seeing improvements. I have read this is common and that any writer or author benefits from having a beta reader provide feedback. I haven’t encountered someone willing to devote the time to read the novel and give me their review.

New Years 1983, a memorable celebration

2018 is in the books, and 2019 has opened. I won’t bore with another look back. Looking forward is what one does on New Years Day. Or remember past New Years.

The year in review

We are in the last hours of Christmas Day. A week from today we will start a new year, 2019. How quickly the year has passed.

When you remember someone to buy for

‘Tis the countdown to Christmas and the panic is subsiding, or is it? Make a list, check it twice The list made, and names checked off as the gifts hidden waiting to be wrapped. Such a relief to know there is no need for another hectic shopping trip or jaunt …

Musing of November as it departs-2018

It is a month when the clock falls back an hour; the weather portends cold days and snowy days, and we celebrate Veterans Day and Thanksgiving Day.