StoryWorth—What have you won?

“Have you ever won anything?”

Let’s start by saying I have never won the lottery or Publisher Clearing House giveaways. But other things make me a winner several times over.

NavyIn the Navy

I won the opportunity to attend junior college while in the Navy. My application was selected over many others. As a result, I became a double winner when I met this wonderful woman and married her a couple months before receiving my associate’s degree. Now I have two beautiful children and seven super grandchildren. Better than winning the lotto!

There were two other such selections while in the Navy. First, I was picked from several candidates to be a Chief Petty Officer. Then, a few years later, I was selected again from a slate of fellow Chiefs to be a Chief Warrant Officer. I consider each a win.

Now for wins in the classic sense.

Won at bowling

All Bowling

I won a sweeper, a four-game event, during a Military Bowling Tournament in Las Vegas.

My wife and I won the scratch (no handicap) Virginia Mixed Tournament double division twice.

I have won prize money in all but one Military Bowling Tournaments that I was a participant in.

I cashed, that is, won prize money in three regional professional bowling tournaments.

I have won many bowling league awards for the high average, high game, and high series over the fifty years I have bowled. There was prize money for each of these wins.

I can’t think of more at the moment. So, no lottery winnings. Sorry.

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