Pipeline 2007 Girls Black Update

It has been two weeks since I updated the Pipeline 2007 Girls Black team’s soccer journey

Portable Sanitation Equipment, Porta-Potty or Outhouse, Choose

Ever used a portable sanitation equipment? What about a porta-potty? An outhouse?

Life before the days of Personal Destruction

In the age of Personal Destruction, I wish for the days when I woke up without caring about what was happening in Washington, DC.

Surviving to the 100th Blog Post

I posted my first blog on October 5, 2016. It warned I would share things I found interesting and that I hadn’t a particular theme for the posts. I have been true. I have posted some about family, about my favorite pastime—bowling, about writing a novel, about the Pipeline soccer teams I help coach, and more. There are Ninety-nine in fact.

Where were you on September 11, 2001?

The refrain most often heard by me today has been, “Where were you on that day?” The day being September 11. 2001. What are your memories of that day? Will you remember September 11?   I worked for a government contractor on 9.11 and scheduled to fly to Dallas and …

Pipeline 2007 Girls Black at Keystone Cup

Keystone Cup Labor Day weekend found Pipeline 2007 Girls Black team competing in the Keystone Cup 2018 tournament. Last week the team played in the 2018 Spirit United Kickoff Classic. They finished the weekend losing two games and tying one. This weekend, the team finished with two losses and a …

Pipeline Soccer Teams at 2018 Spirit Kickoff Tournament

  I previously blogged about making memories. This weekend two Pipeline Girls team made memories at the 2018 Spirit United Kickoff Classic Tournament. Pipeline 2006 Girls Black The Pipeline 2006 Girls Black team is a meld of Pipeline players from last year and girls recruited after the May tryouts. The …

Memories, Making and Sharing Memories….

Memories Road trips are a place to make memories and learn of other’s memories. Road trips are something we are familiar and comfortable with. Pack the car, settle the kids, charge off to the destination, a short stay, and return to home. This weekend followed the menu with one exception, …

Missing You Still

My wife and I returned to South Texas in our RV to visit relatives and to visit the gravesites of her mother, father, and brother. Though time has passed, the emotions and sentiments expressed are as strongly alive in us today as then. Missing you What does ‘missing you’ mean? …