Celebrating Veterans Day 2021

veterans day

Veterans, thank you for your service! Today is the day we celebrate those among us who stand or stood tall in defense of our country.

I spent over twenty-five years in the Navy and retired in 1992.





My father served over twenty-five years in the Navy. He served in WWII for a time, was discharged after the war ended. He enlisted again during the Korean War. He retired in 1970 and passed in 2002.

My brother, Cletus, entered the service during the Viet Nam War. He was a Gunners Mate Gun and spent considerable time in the Tonkin Gulf on an oiler. The ship refueled others. We spent time together in Hawaii when the ship was in port. He was killed in a motorcycle accident in 2002.

My brother, Paul, was drafted during the Viet Nam War also. He didn’t spend much time in the service, but should be honored for responding when called. We lost him in 2003.

These are not the only family that has served. My Uncle Wilbur was killed in action in WWI. My uncle Hugh served in WWII and was a prisoner of war. My Uncle Bernard made a career in the Air Force. I apologize if I miss anyone or slight their contributions.

And, I married a woman whose family has many relatives who have or are still serving in the military. One, her uncle David J. Green served and met his wife while stationed in England. Read his story here.

I first met her cousin Donald Hanna in Germany, where he was stationed. David McWha, the husband of my wife’s cousin, served in the Air Force. As with my relations, I apologize for not noting others who served or are serving.

We are just a few of the many who served the nation in its military branches from the Revolutionary War to the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Thank you and God bless those who served and those who protect us today—be they Navy, Marine, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, or Space Force.

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