Osbourne “Ozzy” McKay-The Cat

Days to Remember

Some days are remembered by something that happened on the day. People think of D-Day on June 6th and the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th.

Sometimes I remember King, my Golden Retriever, passing when we celebrate Autumn’s birthday. Autumn is my daughter’s next youngest. King suffered a stroke late in the evening of her first birthday.



Christmas Eve, 2019, will be remembered as the day my granddaughter’s Scottish Fold cat, Osbourne  “Ozzy” McKay, passed.

Ozzy was an orange and white fur-ball. He enjoyed a lot of attention from the four grandchildren. One of his favorite hangouts was a chair near Bradley as he played on his Xbox.

He sometimes sought out a rub from Elizabeth or Autumn. Teddy reluctantly accepted his game play interrupted when Ozzy demanded his attention.

My granddaughter and son-in-law shared the grief and will miss him.

Christmas Eve, 2019, is a marked day in their lives.

One of joy shared with grandparents and great-grandparents in the evening, but one of sadness in the late morning.


  1. What an expression on Ozzy’s. Looks like Ozzy left a lot for you to remember, and that he was happy in his time with your family. My thoughts and energy are with you, for whatever that will do. Time will put some distance on the loss, but I suspect it’ll forever be there, just like the other memories you cited.

    Take care.

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