US Women’s Soccer Team and More

US Women's Soccer Team
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I spent over twenty-five years in the United States Navy. It was with disgust and disappointment that I watched some women dubbed “US Women’s Soccer Team” disrespect the country’s anthem and flag. The worst image during the post-game celebration was a player intentionally dropping the flag to the ground. But it impressed me that a midfielder stepped forward to raise it from the ground and carry it away.

Then, I remember my oath and accepted their right to their opinion. I wish, though, my tax dollars had not gone to paying their travel, training, salaries, or bonuses.

I am putting this behind and will show my freedom, freedom to never watch the team play again. Unfortunately, I cannot withhold my tax dollars, else I would.

Now to happier thoughts.

Grandma's home on wheels
Before the pad

I have blogged about our recreational vehicle. We intended to have a concrete pad poured beside the house when we bought it. Two years later, the RV sits on a six-inch concrete pad.

And we had the annual maintenance performed today. It stands ready for an excursion to where ever we take it.

Is there a novel?

There is a novel, and I am working it. I recently completed a rewrite run-through of all chapters looking for plot issues. I noted plot holes, and this run-through will address those and flesh out locations with detailed descriptions.

The novel is alive and growing stronger.

A moment, please.

I appreciate every one of you who take a few moments of your time to read my mutterings. I hope you will continue to visit, and when the urge occurs-leave a comment. I provide the attached form for when those urges rise.

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