Pipeline 2007 Girls Black

PIPELINE Soccer Club (PSC)Again, the Pipeline 2007 Girls Black team earned respect.


The team began training in August 2018. It was a meld of members from the previous 2007 Black team, the 2007 Red team, and new club members.

The coach’s dilemma was building them into a team that could compete with top level teams. The way to do this was with quality training and competition. The girls received the training and had their mettle tested in top level tournaments and league play.

Their rawness showed at Spirit and Keystone where they drew one game in each.  They won and lost one game in the EDP South Atlantic Premier II bracket of league play before the Columbus Day Explorer tournament.

Explorer saw some of their best play of the fall. They won two games to earn them the status of finalists. The euphoria passed quickly as the team won one more EDP game along with one draw. EDP season ended with the team’s record two wins, one draw, and six losses. They finished eighth in their division.

The December APC tournament was a cold, miserable affair. The team won one game but lost two. Defeated by the second team in the nation and a top level New Jersey team. This was another lesson for the team as they saw how elite teams compete.

The girls took this lesson to heart.

Since, the team was a semifinalist at the January APC tournament and won their bracket at President’s Cup.

Last Game

For the respect, I previously alluded. The girls played their strongest game of the season in the win over Central Carroll SC WildFire 07 to gain them a tie for second place in the Premier II division. Their record: five wins, two draws, and two losses. From eighth to tied for second in just a few months.

And based on their bracket win at President’ Cup, the team is competing in the Regionals this weekend.

The coach and the girls deserve praise for suffering a hard start to the fall season but turning it around to end competing at the President’s Cup Regionals.

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