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December 13th is a day I likely will never forget. It is the day I sent my first writing to a short story contest. February 28, 2018, is the next date to never be forgotten. The day they announce the winners. What is the likelihood that my story will win or even place? I have read others describing the anxiety caused by the wait. Push me good wishes.

Perhaps someone would like to know how I came up with the short short story. Actually, it wasn’t that difficult to create 1500 word story if you have scraps left from a draft. My story was built from several hundred words excised from the draft written last November. It caused problems with the draft’s timeline. Pulling it removed this burr in the story line.

I read that material removed during editing should be kept. I kept it, and it became a story fit for a short short story contest. How fit will be known February 28.

Today is day 39 until 26 January 2018. 39 days until I become unemployed, voluntarily. 39 days until I don’t have a paying job. 18,686 days since I joined the Navy. 9,462 between my retirement from the Navy and my retirement from working as a contractor. Some day, my children might calculate the number days between this retirement and my internment. Hopefully, it will be a sufficiently large number allowing me plenty of enjoyment after my second retirement.

Pipeline Columbus Fall Classic

An aside, the Pipeline 2008 Boys Red team lost its indoor match this week. I missed the game but the head coach said the boys played a good game.  Technical development during the winter session is the goal. Winning is secondary since this is not a league or tournament.

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This is the snowy time of year, this year in Maryland. There is a possibility of a white Christmas. Do you celebrate Christmas? If you do, have you completed preparations? Are the gifts bought, wrapped, and ready for delivery? Have you decided on the meal for the day? Tell me how you will spend the day.


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