Advantage of a fertile imagination

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I envy those who have a fertile imagination and have little difficulty finding a topic to blog. I, on the other hand, sit in my recliner staring at the blank computer screen. I sit wishing the words will write themselves, but my wish is in vain. Nothing appears until I strike the first key.

Fortunately, blank screens only happen one day a week. On other days, I create memorandums, instruction guides, respond to incoming emails, and other documentation required by my job. The words flow unfettered by fear because I’m comfortable. Comfort makes it easy.

As with blogging, writing a short story or novel requires imagination and courage. Imagination to conceive the story and fortitude to struggle through to the end. Of my three works-in-progress, only one is complete and shown to beta readers. It is a short story prequel to one of the two novels. The three beta readers liked it and had few recommendations for changes. The story is as complete as I could make it. I await an editor’s review. Her thoughts provide insights that will apply to the following novels.

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The novels are coming along well. I mentioned last week I would do at least a page per day of editing. I found that once I sat down to do a page, I stayed longer and often edited three to five, never just one. Week after week of minimal progress is required.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the Pipeline 2008 Boys Red boys. They played this weekend and lost. Such will occur from time-to-time. Every game is a step forward, win or lose, as the boys learn and grow.

If you are looking for a blog with well-written posts on a variety of subjects, I recommend Elizabeth Drake’s blog. Leave a comment to let her know you visited.

Until next week, be safe and enjoy the winter holiday season. Let me know you stopped by.



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