Christmas Eve – Santa’s coming

Christmas Eve
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Tis Christmas Eve and it resembles a cold fall day at our home. The weather is clear and warmest it has been in days. Miles north, it has been cold with freezing rain or inches of snow. A wintry mixture is worthy of the season.

We are fortunate our travel to spend the holiday with family is short. Our Son’s family, who we will visit with today lives a short forty minute drive away. We will load the presents and other goodies soon. Tomorrow we will share the day with our Daughters family who lives next door. God blessed us with hale and heathy children, son-in-law and daughter-in-law, four granddaughters, and three grandsons. That we have our health to enjoy them is another great blessing.

This summer we bought a SUNSEEKER recreational vehicle. It is a mobile home-on-wheels which we took on an excursion to Texas. The test drive proved its worth, and we look forward to many trips starting when the weather is fit. Until that day, it sits faithfully beside our house ready at an instant. Spring will come soon enough.

Our trip planning will no longer have to be scheduled around my work vacation since I retire in January. After over 17 years in the same job, a long time for a contractor to the government, we will be free to go anytime. This life change is exciting to anticipate.

It is time for my wife and me to load the presents in the four wheel sleigh and be off to play Santa on Christmas Eve.

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Time passed.

We played Santa and had a wonderful time. We are back in our nest waiting for the morrow when we get to be Santa once more.

Before we go, Lori and I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas day. Be safe during this and the coming days. And remember that I enjoy hearing from you.


    • Dwane

      A day late but I hope you had a Merry Christmas. The wife and I are looking forward to my retirement. As our extra curricula activities permit, we will be traveling via RV. We both have relatives in Texas and I want to see family in KY, ME, and Ill. She has family in AL, GE, and FL. We have plenty of places to go and hope to make them all.

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