My First Microstory

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I finished a microstory today. It is my first and proved to be a greater challenge than the short-short story I recently blogged.


What is microstory? YourDictionary defines it as  “an extremely short story.” Mythcreants defines it this way. “The traditional definition is a story that is 300 words or fewer, making it a subset of flash fiction.”

The article focused on a tighter definition: 100 words. Microfiction Monday Magazine only publishes stories of 100 words or less. I considered other sources and decided to attempt a story 100 words or less.

I am by nature a wordy writer. I envisioned a story and wrote it. The result was over 200 words describing an event that occurred in 30 seconds or so. After several revisions and word substitutions, it was less than 100 words long.

My granddaughter played soccer last fall for Pipeline Soccer Club. One game ended in a tie and a shootout held. This became the topic of this untitled short story.

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Elizabeth watched the soccer ball fly past her team’s goalkeeper into the net.

Her team was down one goal in the championship game shootout. Bugs danced in Elizabeth’s stomach at the thought she must score, or else her team loses.

Elizabeth raced to the penalty kick area and watched the referee place the soccer ball.  She silenced the bugs by focusing on making a hard strike on the ball. She must score. The sound of the whistle startled her. Three steps and ….

The bugs died with the roar of the crowd. Score, tied!

I enjoyed the time spent on it and found it an interesting diversion from editing my draft novels.

I encourage you to tell me your thoughts on microstories, mine, and flash fiction. Use the comment form.


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