Signs spring has arrived

spring has arrived

I heard many conversations last week at work claiming “spring has arrived” or “spring has come.” Everyone said the rain and warm temperatures were the heralds. I won’t contest they are indications but are there more?

I was walking into work the other morning when I saw the geese had left deposits on the sidewalk. There was no sign of them this winter. Sign of spring indeed.

Last weekend I cut the grass before spreading weed and feed. This weekend, I cut the grass that put the feed to use. The green grass full of new growth weeds says spring has arrived. The co-op sold me a spray for any weeds surviving the weed and feed. Yard work starts with spring.

Bags of mulch sitting in the back of the Ford pickup is another sign. Each bag is waiting for me to spread their contents around the plants in the flower beds. They are looking forward to being empty and on their way to the recycling plant. Mulching is a spring and autumn task. Must be spring, autumn is months away.

pontoon boat in slip


The flowers blooming and trees leafing, the sound of geese and ducks flying north are signs of spring. But the best sign is our pontoon boat sitting in a slip off the South River. The marina finished the checkup and put it in the slip Friday. This is a sure sign of spring and the pending arrival of summer.

What tells you spring has arrived.




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