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Signs spring has arrived

I heard many conversations last week at work claiming “spring has arrived” or “spring has come.” Everyone said the rain and warm temperatures were the heralds. I won’t contest they are indications but are there more? I was walking into … Continue reading

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Traditions on Christmas Day? Have they changed?

Christmas day presents Traditions — Christmas Day is upon us. Are you ready? For once we, my wife and I, are ready! We have the presents purchased and wrapped. They sit under the tree waiting for the package distributor to … Continue reading

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What I want for Christmas – Snow!

Snow for Christmas, or ice? Will you have snow for Christmas? Perhaps it will be warm like it was here this morning. Or it may be freezing rain like we had yesterday. Yesterday, we woke to freezing rain and single … Continue reading

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Christmas gifts that can open the world of adventure

The tree needs more Christmas presents I lay awake last night considering Christmas gifts for my grandchildren. My wife and I had purchased the big items and they sat wrapped under our little tree. “Little” is a 5 foot artificial … Continue reading

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Bowling at NCS Wahiawa

I join a bowling team I was in the Navy three years when I transferred to Naval Communication Station Wahiawa, Hawaii. It was here my love for bowling germinated and blossomed. I checked into my new department and was assigned … Continue reading

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Welcome to my blog

Welcome to “The Fall of My Life.” This website is dedicated to my family and friends who have supported me through the years. I will soon be a septuagenarian and I have a lived a good life with many interesting and … Continue reading

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