Pipeline at the 20th Annual Old Line State Classic

pipeline soccer club logoThe Pipeline 2008 Boys Gold team competed in the 20th Annual Old Line State Classic in Jarrettsville, Maryland, 29-30 April 17. This was the first tournament of the year for this team.

The first game was against TOWSON UNITED(HAMPTON). The boys had a slow start. Towson won 4-2. The first goal was one of the better goals I have seen recently. The ball was thrown in from about twenty yards out. The receiving player took the ball in the air and punched it over his and our defensive players. The Pipeline goalie didn’t see the ball until it passed him. Pipeline scored a long goal to even the score. It was a high shot the goalie missed. Pipeline managed one more score while Towson made three more.

Game two was against BARRENS BULLETS.  This game ended with Pipeline winning 2-1. Pipeline scored off a deflection with seconds to go. The boys’ play improved; they earned the good result. During the game, they set up several shot opportunities that went wide of goal, the goalie saved or went over the goal. Pipeline 1-1-0 after two.

Pipeline at play

Game three was early Sunday against PASADENA SC UNITED.  Pipeline had multiple scoring opportunities that Pasadena goalie stopped or the defense stymied. Pasadena’s played very well and the final reflected it. Pasadena 6, Pipeline 1. Pipeline 1-2-0 at this point.

Game four was against AFC HEROS. Pipeline played this team in the fall and lost by double digits. This game against a team that embarrassed them just a few months ago showed how much the boys had improved. The final of 2-2 was a good result. Pipeline finished the tournament 1-2-1.

Pipeline spring tryouts for boys are the last week of May. These tryouts may result in a change in team lineup.  Regardless, it is always a pleasure coaching this group of young men.





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