Thanksgiving Blog Potpourri

Today is blog day for Thanksgiving week. I selected Monday as the day to update everyone on the Pipeline 2008 Boys Red team. This week they spent the weekend without a game for the first time in several weeks. Thereby, leaving me without an easy topic to relate. The boys …

Am I a Writer?

I am not a writer if what many writing blog sites tell me is true. I would agree if I didn’t know better. The blogs tell me that a “real writer” writes every day or they suffer withdrawal. Writing is an addiction that must be fed constantly; writers never take …

Signs spring has arrived

I heard many conversations last week at work claiming “spring has arrived” or “spring has come.” Everyone said the rain and warm temperatures were the heralds. I won’t contest they are indications but are there more? I was walking into work the other morning when I saw the geese had …

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