Snow is coming

Snow in the forecast

snow 'n winter

Snow arrived at my house tonight. The forecasted one inch turned out to be a dusting.  This is not snow I thought as I let my dogs out to run this morning. I could only shake my head as visions of what the wife and I saw in Iceland and other days in Maryland.

We spent the winter of 1974 living in a Quonset hut just off the Keflavik custom’s gate. Every time we went on the NATO base, we had to clear customs to get home.  I had introduced her to snow when I took her to meet my parents the winter before. This winter was my wife’s first winter with inches of snow. The amount of snow we had in Iceland was an eye opener and left us some fun memories.

Snow in Iceland

covered by snow

We bought an old VW Beetle to get us around until our car arrived on island. Once we had our car, the old Bug was parked in the driveway. One storm dropped a large amount of snow and the wind caused drifting. The snow literally buried this Beetle, leaving just the smallest portion of the top visible. We did not dig it out, we waited for spring when we sold it.

Our car was a newer model Beetle, a compact car with issues getting through the snow. One day we needed to go to the store. The road had been plowed but the wind had back-filled it with snow. We could see the road because it had less snow. We were doing well until we encountered an SUV. It being the bigger vehicle, I pulled over. Bad move. The car bottomed out and we could go nowhere. Fortunately, the SUV stopped. Several Icelanders walked over and pushed us back on the road. With just a wave, they left.

Snow in Maryland

snowing again

There have been fun memories here also. One year my wife’s niece, about 9 at the time, told us she wanted to see snow. She lived in Texas and had not seen any yet. We invited her to stay for a few days. A few days turned in a few weeks when, after she arrived, we had a record snowfall. We were snowbound for a week. This gave her and my daughter ample opportunities to make snow forts, tunnels (it was that deep), and have snowball fights. I would have been upset with all the snow except I had paid days off!

Do you have any fond or not so fond memories of snow filled days? Share them with a comment. I look forward to hearing them.



  1. When I was growing up around Amarillo we had snow. Here in Central Texas, that doesn’t happen but once in a blue moon. But, I know the snow drifts you wrote about. The Panhandle has no hills, mountains or trees. The wind blows and blows and makes hills of snow. I remember very cold feet and ears. Tassel caps were a thing. Coming in from the snow and sitting by the radiator, our skin would hurt as it thawed out.

    Yeah, those were the good old days. They can stay in the past. I’m done with that kind of cold. 😀

    • Dwane

      I miss the deep snow sometimes. I grew up with it in Illinois. Sometimes we have it here, about once a decade. Considering how people drive, I guess it is best we don’t have it more often.
      Look forward to seeing more of your work!

  2. I got some snow you all can have. And it was -4F on my way to work yesterday. Ugh, January.

    On a bright side, I scheduled a mini-vacation for the family in February. My job doesn’t let us do more, so I guess we’ll see how much fun an indoor water park is!

    • Dwane

      I am glad we only got down into the +single digits. Snow fell near us in inches but we got a dusting again. Dodged it again. I am getting a mini vacation to vegas next week. Bowling tournament. Then back to the grind for a few more months.
      Enjoy you time away!

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