Bowling in Las Vegas

Hello from SUNNY Las Vegas, Nevada. Notice I did not say hot. It is warm though which is a contrast with the weather we, my wife and I, left behind us in Maryland. We flew yesterday when the weather forecast freezing rain and snow. You would be accurate if you guessed the weather was not as predicted. Instead of freezing rain, we had rain. No snow settle on the runways to prevent flights from taking off. Ours lifted off on-time.

Here we are suffering under the sun in balmy fifties. Perhaps you wonder what prompted us to make the trek to a gambling mecca when we live less than two miles from Casino Live. And there are three other casinos in Maryland.

las vegas bowling tournament

The reason for the trip? To participate in my eighteenth consecutive Military Bowling Championship Tournament.  Our team consists of bowlers, friends, from various areas of the country. My partner and I are from Maryland and our teammates are from Missouri, Minnesota, and Oregon. One reason for coming every year is to see friends and shipmates we served with in years past. A byproduct is meeting others who served in the military but were not stationed with us. It is a time to renew friendships and create new ones.

Don’t misunderstand, we also come for the competition. There are singles, doubles, team, and all-events categories. We are older and the competition stiffer but several of us remain competitive. This is an accomplishment as several of the team, myself included, as we have or are reaching the super senior milestone. (Curious what super senior is? Ask using the comment form.) None of us have won an event in several years but our names make the payout list often. Maybe, one day on any given day, anyone can win will allow one or more of us to show at the top of a winners list. Even if we never do, we will have enjoyed the effort.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Some come for all of the above and a shot at winning the big jackpot.

Ever visited Las Vegas? Was it what you expected? Let me hear about in comments.




  1. I have never been to Las Vegas. Never really had the desire.

    DH wanted to get married there when I told him we either eloped or waited until I was done with grad school to get married. I convinced him to elope to Hawaii instead.

    • Dwane

      I am not enamored with Las Vegas but it is where the largest military sporting event in the world is held. That is the Military Bowling Championship. I meet with friends and co-workers that I only see here during this event.
      I spent over two years in Hawaii. I was stationed 1970 to mid-72. Beautiful place but found it too commercialize when I went back the last time about five years ago.

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