Nor’easter of March 2017

I sit in my recliner waiting for the nor’easter of March 2017. When I left work at 1530 (3:30 pm) the sky was blue. At 1630, the sky is cloudy, wind is growing and the temperature is slowly dropping. The meteorologists are still unsure how much snow we will get. …

Snow is coming

Snow in the forecast Snow arrived at my house tonight. The forecasted one inch turned out to be a dusting.  This is not snow I thought as I let my dogs out to run this morning. I could only shake my head as visions of what the wife and I …

What I want for Christmas – Snow!

Snow for Christmas, or ice? Will you have snow for Christmas? Perhaps it will be warm like it was here this morning. Or it may be freezing rain like we had yesterday. Yesterday, we woke to freezing rain and single digit temperatures. Today it got up to low sixties before …

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