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Williamsburg Bowling Tournament, April 2018

Williamsburg Bowling Tournament I am proving a glutton for punishment on the bowling lanes as I continue to return to Williamsburg, Virginia. Last year I posted about the conditions the Williamsburg tournament presents to one and all. This year, only … Continue reading

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Cameron Reunion, Texans and Ohioians

Friday My wife and I spent part of the Easter weekend with members of the Cameron Clan living in Ohio. The rest spent traveling to Ohio and back home. We found the drive safe. The weather cooperated, and only a … Continue reading

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Bowling Movie Star Dreamer

I have dreamed of being a movie star, in my dreams. The desire peaked with the release of The Kingpin. It is a movie about bowling and bowling is the only sport I am proficient. I tried golf and my … Continue reading

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NLS Athena at Virginia Beach Spring Classic

  This past weekend, my wife and I took a mini-vacation to Virginia Beach, Virginia. We took my daughter, my eleven-year-old granddaughter, and our four-year-old grandson with us. We went to enable my granddaughter to play with NLS Athena in … Continue reading

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Conversation versus Dialogue

The draft novel is written with the final words “The End” displayed on the last page. The easy part accomplished, and the work to get it suitable for publication is undertaken. Scene 1 introduces the characters and sets up the … Continue reading

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Amanda Post Memorial Tournament 2018

The Amanda Post Memorial Tournament again marked Pipeline Soccer Club 2008 Boys Red’s spring outdoor season. Last year, I noted the boys won one game and lost two. This year’s result was the same, 1-2. Weather plays its role Two … Continue reading

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Retirement Party

My wife hosted a retirement party on Saturday to fix my retirement in my mind and those of my friends. My wife suggested the party a few weeks after I announced my retirement date to my boss and family in … Continue reading

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A Writing Milestone

Every week is becoming a writing milestone week in my writing career. Those who are unaware, I began my first novel less than three years ago. Since then, I completed two drafts with the first over 100k words. The second … Continue reading

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My First Microstory

I finished a microstory today. It is my first and proved to be a greater challenge than the short-short story I recently blogged.   What is microstory? YourDictionary defines it as  “an extremely short story.” Mythcreants defines it this way. … Continue reading

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Sleeping in, Not!

Week One The first week of retirement was interesting and not what I expected. My friends told me I could sleep-in mornings once retired. Little likely I learned. My wife is the secretary to a Monday morning bowling league. Often, she … Continue reading

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