My New Normal, Bowl…Bowl…Bowl

My world is trying to return to normal as we near September. For the last thirty years, this would be the time when the bowling leagues wrapped up their summer seasons and the meetings for the fall season held. Well, there was no summer season this year. COVID struck in …

Coronavirus Disrupts Our Life

  “Septuagenarian versus the coronavirus” might make a movie title for life today. Perhaps it should be “Coronavirus against the earth.” Life normal I am a septuagenarian plus and my wife in her mid-sixties. The first news stories brought few cares, and our lives remained unaffected. We shopped per usual, …

Monday Seniors Bowling League -2019

Monday Seniors League “It’s over!” I said at the Monday Seniors League banquet. How many times have I uttered those words in May? I haven’t counted, but I am sure it has been at least fifty. I said them to my granddaughter as we waited for my wife to call …

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