Coronavirus Disrupts Our Life

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“Septuagenarian versus the coronavirus” might make a movie title for life today. Perhaps it should be “Coronavirus against the earth.”

Life normal

I am a septuagenarian plus and my wife in her mid-sixties. The first news stories brought few cares, and our lives remained unaffected. We shopped per usual, bowled in our leagues, and went out to eat with friends without care. Our lives continued as usual even after the first fatalities in Washington State.

Seniors against coronavirus

Stories online noted that seniors, those in our age group, were not demonstrating fear commensurate with the danger the virus presented to our age group. Proven by the number of seniors, over sixty, who showed every Monday morning to bowl in the league my wife manages. Over one hundred seniors bowled each week until this morning.  I will never know how many would have shown today, but the military base shut down leagues for fourteen days. I suspect many would have.

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Here we are almost homebound. Homebound, not because of an inability to leave, but because there is a lack of places to go. Maryland’s governor announced the closing of many facilities, including restaurants. He also has placed restrictions on the group size to fifty. More restrictions may come. Between league cancellations and all of the mandated closings, we have no place we want to visit, homebound.

We are currently healthy and not in need of testing for the virus. I am hopeful that as we spend less time out, we will never need a test.

How is the current state of emergency affecting you? Share!



  1. We’re in good health, but my wife suffers RA. We’re both sixty plus, so we took actions to couple-isolate. I am going through writing withdrawal, as my process included a walk, then working at a coffee shop for a few hours. I’m trying to make the transition to writing at home, but cats…wife…habits…routines… It’s not going well.

    As an aside to Elizabeth, we eat bananas each day, so we stockpiled a week’s worth… I feel for her daughter.

    Stay safe. Keep writing. Cheers

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