COVID and Tuesday Night

covid-19COVID-19 strikes the Fort Meade Tuesday Night Men’s League again.

The first time was earlier this year. The league enjoyed a fun season, looking to several more weeks of completion when Governor Larry Hogan ordered the lockdown. He closed many types of businesses, including bowling alleys, gyms, and other recreational activities.

Of course, the base followed the state, and the base bowling alley was closed.

Why us

Funny how one could catch COVID in the bowling alley but not at big box stores like WALMART and COSTCO or the supermarket.

It seemed like years, yet in only a matter of months, the governor started to remove his restrictions. Welcomed was when he permitted businesses to fifty percent capacity. Shortly after, the base lanes began preparations to allow the leagues to return.

Returning was not a simple matter. The virus was still active, and no vaccine available.

Not everyone returns

BowlingWhen canvased, only sixteen of the leagues’ thirty-two bowlers desired to return in September under the base health department’s conditions. Instead of eight-four man teams, the competition started with six-three member teams. (The vacancy on two teams filled by the second week.) The league agreed to bowl a fifteen-week schedule with the hope that more would join in January.

Things were fine until Governor Hogan reinstituted lockdown rules when virus cases rose again.

Tuesday Night Men’s League’s fall season ended on week twelve when the lanes announce the base was closing the alleys until January 2021.

Next season?

Though enduring the restrictions placed on them this fall, all league members want to return as soon as the lanes reopen. Perhaps, by then, some of the previous league members will join us in the spring season.

Lockdown? Use the comment form to let me know how it has affected you or anything else of interest.

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