Lemmings led off the COVID-19 Cliff

My level of frustration reached an almost unbearable level. Restrictions The county executive closed restaurants once more to indoor and outdoor dining. Only curbside or takeout is authorized in Anne Arundel County, Maryland until sometime in January 2021. This is more restrictive than what the state’s governor recommends. He recommends …

COVID and Tuesday Night

COVID-19 strikes the Fort Meade Tuesday Night Men’s League again. The first time was earlier this year. The league enjoyed a fun season, looking to several more weeks of completion when Governor Larry Hogan ordered the lockdown. He closed many types of businesses, including bowling alleys, gyms, and other recreational …

Labor Day for Those Paid and Unpaid

COVID Labor Day Here we are celebrating Labor Day during a coronavirus shutdown. A day to honor those who made and are making contributions to the well-being of the country. At first blush, one thinks of those paid for their labor as the recipients of the honor. It should cause …

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