Post Election 2020 Predictions


I am not prognosticatora prognosticator. Yet, I feel the need to make some predictions that I fear will pass if President Donald J. Trump does not successfully win the 2020 election through the recounts.

I base the following on personal observation and public comments. Please, let history prove me wrong!

Prediction: the United States of America will never have another Republican president or Republican-controlled Senate.


This election shows the Democrats know how to “find” votes from thin air, actually through mail-in ballots in mass. They control the counting of votes in critical states, barring observers without fear of being held accountable for violating election law.

Consider the number of ballots found for Joe Biden between 3 November midnight and 6 AM on 4 November in several states and the restrictions on poll watchers in Pennsylvania and Michigan as examples. We can expect whatever votes are needed to elect the Democrat; they will appear in future elections.

I think ballot-stuffing will occur in just enough places to ensure the Democrats remain in control of the powerhouses: president, Senate, and House of Representatives in the future.

How the Senate falls

senateAfter the Georgia runoff elections, the Senate goes under Democrat control if the Senate slits evenly 50 Democrat and 50 Republican.

As of this writing, Republicans should win the Alaskan Senate race, which will give the Republicans 50 Senators. Provided the Republicans hold Alaska, I believe Democrats win the two Georgia races for a Senate split evenly. The runoff elections offer the opportunity to find votes around Atlanta and surrounding counties for the wins.

The 50-50 split will make Kamala Harris the deciding vote on any contested bill.

What happens then?

First, the Democrats will do away with the legislative filibuster. The filibuster gives the minority party a way to influence a bills’ passing by requiring 60 votes to pass the bill. A simple fifty-one majority is not enough.

The Democrats used the filibuster in 2017 and 2018 to prevent Republican submitted legislation from being enacted. Remove the filibuster, and the Democrats can pass the progressive agenda they espoused before the election. As I said, Kamala Harris makes the 51st vote for any 50-50 vote in the Senate.

With the filibuster gone

Senator Schumer can make good on the packing of the Supreme Court. He railed against the elevation of  Justice Barrett, trending the Court conservative. He and several Democrats spoke of increasing the number of Justices to bring the majority back to liberal.  They need the Court to find in their favor on legal challenges to their progressives plans for America.

New States

Washington, DC and Puerto Rico will become states. The Democrats know this will increase the number of Democrat senators by four, making it unlikely the Republicans can ever have a majority.


taxesA bit of recent history. The Trump tax cut put money in almost everyone’s pocket. It lowered corporate taxes, and companies returned to the United States. There were more job openings than qualified workers before COVID-19 struck. Unemployment for minorities was at the lowest level ever.

Joe Biden promised to raise taxes. His tax increase takes money from Americans’ pockets and drives corporations to raise prices, lower wages, or reduce their labor force. The worst outcome would be companies moving to countries with lower taxes. Perhaps, back to where they were before Trump’s tax relief.

Biden Green Deal.

Stopping fracking and oil exploration on public lands are part of his plan. Public lands include coastal waters, places where there are many oil platforms. Reduce fracking and oil explorations makes the United States dependent once more on foreign sources for the fuels that keep our economy running.

Another part of the clean energy plan affects the production of electricity. Solar and wind become the preferred sources. They replace natural gas, nuclear, and coal-fueled power plants. As California found out this year, solar and windmills are costly and undependable, allowing blackouts and brownouts during the summer. California had to import electricity from states where the fossil fuel plants operated. BTW, does anyone know what fuel manufacturers use to make solar panels and windmill parts? Does anyone know of an American company that makes them?

And more

There are many more promises Joe Biden made in his manifesto. Free this and free that paid for with the additional taxes. Legalize over eleven million illegals. Open the southern border and other immigration changes without concern for how it affects American workers or our social programs.

I touched on just a few changes the progressives would like to see, and it starts when the Senate goes 50-50 with Kamala Harris as vice president.

A win in Georgia

Perhaps, the Republicans will win one of the two or both contested Georgia Senate races and keep the Senate in Republican control. Then, they could make me a lousy prognosticator. Something I plead will happen.

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