Lemmings led off the COVID-19 Cliff

frustrationMy level of frustration reached an almost unbearable level.


The county executive closed restaurants once more to indoor and outdoor dining. Only curbside or takeout is authorized in Anne Arundel County, Maryland until sometime in January 2021.

This is more restrictive than what the state’s governor recommends. He recommends restaurants be limited to outdoor dining.


It would be appropriate if he closed the casinos and limited the box stores to curbside service only. No, these can continue to open but with limitations to 25%.

I can shop at Walmart, Costco, Target, Lowe’s, and Home Depot, but I can’t go out to eat. There is something wrong with these decisions.


I firmly believe this proves government can control the American population. Not unlike government control of people in many third world nations.

They claim it protects us from the virus. The hospitalizations and death numbers are always about the virus. We no longer have anyone dying from cancer, heart disease, car accidents, or any other source.

People died before the virus

It is humorless that some thousands of Americans died each week of natural causes, which caused no concern. Yet, the virus made the government cringe and demand Americans shelter-in-place. Read this link.

Purely, government proved that Americans are lemmings that can be led off the cliff’s edge at its demand.

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