The year in review


We are in the last hours of Christmas Day. A week from today we will start a new year, 2019. How quickly the year has passed.

In January, I retired for the second time. The first time was from the United States Navy. The second was from contractor service to a military program. I spent twenty-five years with each. It was a bitter-sweet time, but I haven’t regretted the decision one time.

My wife and I spent Easter with family in Ohio. This was a branch of my wife’s family tree we had recently discovered. The visit was a great time, and many memories created.

I suffered a tear in my left knee’s meniscus chasing a soccer ball at the girl’s team training. In June, I had it repaired, and now the only pain is because of arthritis. (Sucks getting old.)

We spent almost three weeks with my wife’s cousins in Texas. We took our RV and two grandkids on the trip. While there, we visited the gravesites of my wife’s parents and brother. A great time with some sad moments.

I spent another week on a whirlwind trip to visit my cousin in Illinois. We overnighted in Ohio where we spent time with my wife’s cousin, Jennifer. It was a great time with Crystal’s family.

The fall soccer season started in August with training and tournaments taking evenings and weekends. The winter season is underway, and the team trains two nights a week outdoors. We are on break Christmas week.

Bowling leagues started in August also. I made it five sessions before suffering a minor tear in my bowling shoulder. Four weeks rest was the recommendation. I returned to competition using a lighter bowling ball and finally getting back to form. We are on Christmas break this week also.

In my spare time, usually late in the evening, I am writing a novel. I have completed the third revision. It has a long ways to go, but I have time–after all I am retired

So, here we are nearing bedtime on my first Christmas Day after retiring. They asked me at my retirement party how I would spend my time retired. “I’ll find something to keep me busy,” I said. 

Looking back on the year, I succeeded.

How was your year? Tell me something interesting using the comment form.


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  2. Mary Green

    I would like to brainstorm with your past and my family past but not on social media I think you would be surprised
    I am Virginia s sister-in- law I knew her since I was in the 6th grade.

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