When you remember someone to buy for


‘Tis the countdown to Christmas and the panic is subsiding, or is it?

Make a list, check it twice

The list made, and names checked off as the gifts hidden waiting to be wrapped. Such a relief to know there is no need for another hectic shopping trip or jaunt online to find a gift.

List of names

What kind of gift? Is the person a child, family or friends? An adult friend? An acquaintance or co-worker? The relationship is paramount to the next phase of gift procurement.

You review the list again. Terror strikes the heart. You remembered a name that should be on the list. Oh drat, another gift needed.

Children’s gift

When it is a child, there is someone to guide the gift selection. Call, email, or text the parents and place the burden on them. Demand they tell what the child or adult wants or needs. Require them to give multiple options to ensure you can locate a gift that will be appreciated.

Adult’s gifts

Adult family members, friends, or co-workers require fewer mental gymnastics. Think hard, and an acceptable gift idea will creep out of the mental spider webs.

In case the spider is still weaving, what makes a perfect gift? Gift cards! A gift card to a favorite restaurant, to a store where they shop, to a dinner theater or movie, or a cash card.

Once you have the gift, you can cross the name on the list off. Your heartbeat can slow, the sweat on the brow can be wiped away, and the nerves calmed until another name comes to mind.


I hope that you won’t experience a mental faux pas and wake up Christmas morning remembering you forgot someone. Review your list while there is still time to find that perfect present.

Have you experienced forgetting a person you should had a present for? The comment form is the perfect place to tell me about your experience. Look forward to hearing from you.

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