Retirement Party

retirement partyMy wife hosted a retirement party on Saturday to fix my retirement in my mind and those of my friends.

My wife suggested the party a few weeks after I announced my retirement date to my boss and family in early November 2017.

She and my children brainstormed the details. Where and when to have it. Who to invite. Food or not, and other details which I wasn’t privy. Periodically, one of them would ask when I wanted to have the party.

Serious discussions with my wife resulted in the decision to have it at The Lanes on Fort Meade on 24 February. We have been fixtures at The Lanes since we moved to Fort Meade in 1985. She worked there as a night shift manager, and, for a time, as an administrative assistant. Both of us have been league secretaries of mixed and men’s leagues for almost twenty years. Though not the only location considered, it became our choice.

I left the details to my wife. She made the arrangements. She reserved the venue, ordered food and refreshments, and issued invitations. Her coup de grâce was baking and decorating two cakes for the retirement party.

The party is a memory now. One that will not be soon forgotten. My wife and a core group of family and friends ensured the party’s success. The food was great and there was entertainment at my expense.

I received a floppy hat called “Retirement Survival Hat” from my wife. From friends, one couple gave me a tee shirt which I wore the entire party.

Another couple brought guffaws from the crowd with gifts including several dollar store gifts-a hand clapper for when my hands hurt too much to applaud, a coloring book and large crayons for periods of boredom, a Yo-Yo when things go up and down, artic cool pain relieving gel (guess what that was for), and more gag gifts.

retirement party

I am thankful to my wife, family, and friends for taking the time to celebrate my retirement with me. Thank you to everyone who made the day special.

Would you want a retirement party when you retire? Tell me your thoughts using the comments form.

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