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Today is blog day for Thanksgiving week. I selected Monday as the day to update everyone on the Pipeline 2008 Boys Red team. This week they spent the weekend without a game for the first time in several weeks. Thereby, leaving me without an easy topic to relate. The boys left me with a void to fill with a potpourri of topics.

Bye-bye pontoon

pontoon boat

We ended the boating season by selling our pontoon boat. We appreciated the hours we spent floating in the coves off the South River. But its size, 25-foot party barge, was a challenge for us to dock in the slip. Keep in mind that I am 70-year-old. Perhaps, if we had practiced more often, we would have become proficient.

Imho is at rest

Imho with Elizabeth

Saturday was a sad day for us. My wife and I had to take our daughter’s cat to be euthanized. I say our daughter’s, but the cat lived with us since 2006 or so. Imho was a black cat that came into our lives when it followed Tiffany back to her dorm. She was in college and couldn’t have a cat. Mom and Dad became his caretakers. Tiffany tried to reclaim him, but pet restrictions at her rentals meant Imho lived with us almost exclusively.

Moving on

Soccer action

My granddaughter played soccer for the Pipeline 2006 Girls Black team. Her team played in a tournament this weekend. They made the semi-finals but lost the game in the shoot-out. Elizabeth scored on her turn, but the team came up one score short. This was Elizabeth’s final game with the Pipeline Soccer Club. She is moving to another club.

I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. If you travel, be safe!


    • Dwane

      Elizabeth, thank you. He was in the last stages when we took him to the vet. He fought a heroic battle against diabetes for five years. Our dogs, especially Bear, misses his buddy. Imho would lay on the couch, and Bear would come to him and nudge him. Bear was telling Imho it was his place. Imho would give the look that said “bug off”. We will miss him but it was his time.

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