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Schedule change

The Pipeline 2008 Boys Red are moving indoors for the winter season. This means a change to practice days. There are now Monday and Tuesday instead of Tuesday and Thursdays. As a result, I won’t be posting weekly on Monday. Look for new posts on Sunday.


We spent Thanksgiving with my daughter’s family and their friends who were visiting from Iowa. My wife prepared two turkeys. One was traditional, stuffed, and cooked in the oven. The other smoked with pecan chips. Both were hits with everyone.

Grandson’s Birthday

Bradley’s first double-digit birthday was today, Sunday. He was able to spend days leading up to it with his long-time friends from Iowa. His birthday wish was to have a peanut butter crème cheesecake. My wife found a recipe that uses her newly acquired Instant Pot and gave him a seven-inch birthday present. Put ten candles on it and let the boy enjoy. Fortunately, Lori made a couple of five-inch versions for the rest of us. The rest of us shared one of the five-inchers while Bradley’s older sister claimed one for herself.

Black Friday

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In the past, we have avoided the crowds screaming for Black Friday sales. There are multiple other days when comparable sales occur. There are sales on Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Black Friday, Christmas pre-sales, Christmas post-sales, and even New Year’s Day. Sometimes there are sales not associated with a holiday.

I had to pick up a prescription at Sam’s. We were presently surprised to find the place only moderately busy. In addition to my medicine, we found something for grandchildren’s Christmas. Feeling lucky, we went on our weekly shopping at the Commissary but found it closed. The attached Navy Exchange was wall-to-wall people. The checkout lines ran down the main aisle. This may be the reason why Sam’s was moderately busy. Or it could be all of the dedicated Black Friday shoppers were finished and asleep at home.

This year’s experience did nothing to convince us we want to become part of the Black Friday Shoppers Club.

Christmas Season

I am looking forward to Christmas this year. I will be retiring in January after 51 plus years employed. 25 years and some months and days in the US Navy and more employed as a consultant to the Navy.  I am not worried about having things to keep me active in retirement. More about that another time.

I would enjoy hearing about your Thanksgiving and Black Friday experiences. Leave a comment using the form below.

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