Pipeline 2008 Boys Red against Bethesda 2008 Black


Pipeline 2008 Boys Red’s game Saturday was against Bethesda Black. The game was a home game for Bethesda at Muldoon’s Farm.The farm has several fields marked for soccer. The field for this game seemed suitable for 9v9 games. Pipeline 2008 Boys Red play 7v7.

The early arrivals helped set up the second goal. Then they shot goals against a parent playing goalkeeper. The slick grass, wet with dew, slowed down shots. The boys learned that passing and shooting requires hard strikes on the ball.

Pipeline got off to a slow start. The wet grass made challenges difficult, many slips. Passes came up short and the opponents proved technically proficient. The game remained scoreless for several minutes before Pipeline pushed one past Bethesda’s goalkeeper.

A goal in hand, the boys seemed to change gears. The grass dried and footing improved. Passes became crisper and firmer. Shots found the goal.

Bethesda 2008 Boys Black rate a well-done even in defeat. They contested the game with seven players. They played hard from the first whistle to last but Pipeline’s sideline-to-sideline and goal box to goal box style wore them down in the second half.

Passing and calls for the ball have become

normal for this team. Unselfish play is something a coach appreciates and helps teams become successful.

Pipeline won 11-0. This is the second consecutive game in which at least half the team scored one or more goals.

Pipeline 2008 Boys Red
From last week’s game

The boys should feel proud of their play the last 2.5 games. They are improving steadily and have the potential to defeat any team in their bracket. However, they have to avoid overconfidence. The teams they have left to play are quality teams, capable of defeating them.

Let’s not look to next Saturday but revel in the success of this past Saturday. Congratulations, again, for a well-played game.






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