Pipeline 2008 Boys Red vs FCSC


It became obvious they looked forward to the coming game. Once everyone was present, the team warmed up using the exercises they knew from training. The game started on time.

Pipeline boys had the ball first.  The striker sent the ball wide and within the first minute, Pipeline scored. This set the tone for the rest of the game. Rewarding coach and parents, the boys continued to dominate in the match. Halftime, the score was 6-1. A handball penalty in the box resulted in a penalty kick by our opponents being netted.

Pipeline continued to dominate in the second half. The boys were energized, talking to each other, making good passes and scoring. The final score was 14-1. This made the team’s record 1-1 early in the season.

The boys deserve credit for more than winning a game against a less talented opponent. They should be applauded for applying skills and technics the coaches have drilled in evening training sessions.

As the game progressed, the coach rotated players into unfamiliar positions. Defenders attacked and attackers were defenders. In the end, seven of the ten boys scored at least one goal.

The parents who support bring the boys to practice and games deserve recognition. As a coach, something appreciated is to show up at the appointed show time and find the boys juggling, shooting on a goal or passing among themselves or with parents. We, the coaches, appreciate the parents who get their boy to practices and games on time. We, also, appreciate hearing them cheering for Pipeline even when the game is not in our favor. No other team has more dedicated parents. Thank you.

This weekend was my third game as solo coach. Thank you, team and parents, for your support.


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