Pipeline 2008 Boys Red vs SPGH Tsunami


The team has been on a roll, winning the last two games. Would the streak continue against a quality team?

First noticed was a difference between the previous two games and this one was the chilly temperature and a blustery breeze. The breeze took time off as the game started. The sun remained hidden behind thick dark clouds for most of the playing day. Far different from the last two games, played on sunny, hot days. The players came to the pre-game warmup wearing jackets or sweatshirts. It didn’t take long for them to remove the outerwear.

Pipeline started the game with the ball. The boys continued their unselfish play, passing the ball and communicating as in past games. The aggressive play brought the first score minutes into the first half.

Pipeline’s excellent defensive play kept Tsunami in their half. Shortly, Pipeline forced a turnover. A swarming attack overwhelmed Tsunami’s defense for a second score. Leading 2-0, Pipeline continued playing as they train but couldn’t penetrate for another score.

Severna Park had the ball to start the second half. Pipeline seemed to forget the things that made them successful the two previous games. True they communicated, asking for the ball, and passing but not to the degree in the first half. As often happens, when one team slows the other steps up. Tsunami stepped up their play enough to break thru and score. Pipeline 2, Tsunami 1.

Pipeline vs SPGH Tsunami

The remaining fifteen or so minutes were more a scramble by both teams for possession of the ball. The ball changed hands multiple times, but neither team scored. Pipeline boys, thanks to good work by the goalkeeper, survived two late minute direct kicks from just outside the penalty area.

Finally, the referee blew the whistle ending the game. Pipeline 2008 Boys Red continued its winning streak with a 2-1 victory over Severna Park Green Hornets Tsunami.

The next challenge for the team is the Columbus Day Tournament this coming weekend. Pass good vibes to the team in your comments.



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