Writing doldrums and Vacation.

writing doldrums

The writing doldrums are upon me.  When I sit to work on my project, Kiliane’s Rage, I end up checking email and my social media accounts. I haven’t looked at my project in two weeks.

The other day, I learned I am not the only one who experiences this problem. One of my favorite bloggers wrote of experiencing a similar problem. Read it at Elizabeth Drake’s Site and enjoy her other articles.

I can blame the doldrums on one of the several things. Work has been long days. The long days compensate for hours I missed. Medical appointments, procedure, and other time-off had to be made up or use vacation time. I could take leave-without-pay, not a preference. Using vacation time is not preferable either. Vacation time is for vacation.

vacation time

Ah, vacation time. We leave for Texas Thursday. I *saved* enough vacation time to allow us to stay gone until 3 August.

Last Friday, we signed for our Class C recreational vehicle (RV). It is a Le series Sunseeker 2850SLE with the amenities of home and a slide out on one side. The “queen size” bed is smaller than queen size. Over the driver’s compartment is a platform the same size as the bed. Stove, refrigerator-freezer, water, air conditioning, toilet, shower, and beaucoup storage. As my youngest grandson called it after receiving the grand tour, “Grandma’s house on wheels.”

Grandma's home on wheels

When we were taking my F-150, two grandchildren wanted to go–both girls. Now my grandson decided he wants to go. We have other grandchildren who for various reasons can’t go.

Anyone not familiar with setting up an RV, let me say it’s an experience. Aside from the amenities I mentioned, it was empty. That didn’t last long though.

We bought chemicals for the waste tanks, hoses to drain them, and a surge suppressor at an RV parts store. We bought pots, pans and assorted items at Walmart. This was worse than when we set up a house after getting married. Then people contributed, now I pay for it.

The reason for my writing doldrums is not medical procedures or long work days. It is the anticipation and preparations for vacation. Of time on the road. *I enjoy driving and what sightseeing it provides.* Thoughts and preparations for vacation pushed writing to the background.  The doldrums are receding as preparations near completion.  Here I am getting a post together! That qualifies as writing in my humble opinion. And I am packing my computer for moments when the muse rears her head while in Texas.

This is my experience with the doldrums. Don’t forget to check out Elizabeth’s great article and spend time with her.  Have the doldrums affected you? Are you feeling the call of vacation? I enjoy hearing from you on these or other topics. Comment, please.






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