Defining a Great Weekend with Writing, Carpentry, and Fireworks

Defining a Great Weekend with Writing, Carpentry, and Fireworks


The great weekend, four days off work, began with watching the wife work a celebration at Fort Meade, Maryland Friday. I spent the evening before the fireworks watching the crowd gathering. It was amazing the number of people who came out to enjoy the bands, the free rides, and evening culminating fireworks. I forgot to mention the long, long lines of those wanting to sample the many types of food available from some of the local vendors. *I heard one vendor sold out. They had not anticipated the huge crowd.* Of course, the fireworks were super.

Saturday started as a down day. Shopping with the wife followed by an afternoon of movies. Logan was a well-made movie but I was disappointed with the story line. I didn’t care for the ending or the events leading up to it. Still I would give it a five star rating if asked.

With hours remaining before “sack time,” I called up my work-in-progress and started revising it. On a whim, I went on the WANATribe website and found Kristen Lamb online. She and I sprinted three-40 minute sprints. I got a chapter revised and part of another. It is always easier writing, sprinting or not, with a partner. A visit to Facebook and Twitter rounded off the day.

Amateur carpenters, meaning men and women, who undertake a home improvement or repair will recognize today’s, Sunday’s, experience. I planned a project to update a set of banisters lining the lower part of the stairs. I bought the shortest newel post Lowes stocked locally. I bought the red oak board for the base and a set of balusters. I removed the old parts and cut the base. That is when it all came to an unsatisfactory end. The new newel post and balusters were too long. There was no way to cut them to fit. I had to reinstall the old post and balusters. Special order appears to be the only way to get the right size materials. Saying I was disappointed would be an understatement.

My grandson is #3

The day was saved in the afternoon and evening. We were invited to a professional lacrosse game. The Bayhawks defeated the Rattlers. *My Son’s boss owns the Bayhawks so figure who we routed for?* Country star Craig Campbell performed a concert and there was a grand finale fireworks display.

Rounding out the day with this blog post. *Smiley face.* Two days of my four day weekend gone. What will the other two bring?

How has your weekend gone? I look forward to hearing your weekend story. Tell me in the comments.

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