Williamsburg Bowling Tournament

Williamsburg Tournament

I bowled in the Williamsburg Tournament 1-2 April 17. This was six days after competing in the USBC Open. In addition I had two matches in between the two tournaments in my home house. I noted on Facebook and Twitter I am a glutton for punishment.

The Open was the topic of my last blog. I mentioned the challenging conditions. Well let me note that I would take the challenging condition of the Open in exchange for those of Williamsburg on 1 April. I think the conditions were our April Fool’s Day joke.

We bowled on the 1pm (1300 for those using a 24 hour clock). The condition was called “toast” by several of my teammates. I thought the comment did not  describe the dry condition. Two shifts had bowled before us and there was no conditioner to be found. I did not have the equipment, strength, or stamina to argue with these conditions. My scores were comparable to the Open’s but I suffered getting them.

2 April went much better. There were signs of conditioner when we bowled the first shift at 0830 am. The first comment I heard was “what is this strange stuff on my ball.” Of course, it was lane conditioner. Scores were much higher and gained with less effort. My score was comparable to what I have in my home center.  I admit to being spoiled bowling on a well-conditioned house shot!

time to go home

My high score at Williamsburg was 608 while Tuesday after the Open was 719. Friday before Williamsburg I had a 613. Two good scores nestled between fun tournaments with mediocre scores. Why do I consider the two tournaments as more enjoyable? Perhaps the comradery in shared suffering of my partner and teammates. Teammates I only get to compete with in tournaments. Sometimes scores are not the most important thing.

The next saga will be after the Pennsylvania Dutchman tournament. I am signed up but forget which weekend we bowl.

Did you bowl Williamsburg or the USBC Open? How did you do? Share with me via the comment form.





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