Williamsburg Bowling Tournament, April 2018

Williamsburg Bowling TournamentWilliamsburg Bowling Tournament

I am proving a glutton for punishment on the bowling lanes as I continue to return to Williamsburg, Virginia. Last year I posted about the conditions the Williamsburg tournament presents to one and all.

This year, only four of us ventured to Williamsburg the weekend of 7-8 April. Others selected different weekends. Trying different weekends didn’t change the lane conditions or the resulting scores.

Bowling at 1300, 1 pm if you use the 12-hour clock, place us on the lanes after other shifts have bowled. This means the lanes are drier than on the earlier shifts. This condition is not one we normally face and, as last year, resulting in lower scores for every one of us.


I have bowled long enough to realize one must adjust to the condition. I, also, know sometimes only a limited adjustment can be made with the bowling balls one has with him. This year I thought I had enough variety in coverstock and drilling pattern to match the condition with one.

I was correct in this assumption if I had been better suited mentally. I think I allowed last year’s results to color my expectations for this year. As soon as I threw the first practice ball, I felt my scores would be low. I was toasted at this point, and my scores reflected my expectation.

Sunday, I entered with grander expectations. I had a mediocre first game but followed with an excellent second and third game. The three-game total was better than four of Saturday’s game total.

What lessons learned this weekend? Expectations cannot overcome physical conditions. However, they can affect how you approach a situation, and the amount of enjoyment garnered.

Next Year

skeeze / Pixabay

Will we be back again next year? Today the discussion was first maybe not. After better scores, the discussion moved to maybe. As the equipment was moved off the lanes, it was probably if we could get the first shift on both days. Time will tell, but I think all of us will weather another Williamsburg tournament next year, if for no other reason than the opportunity to bowl with friends.

Tell me if you have you ever competed in a sporting event purely for the comradery using the comment form.

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